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You can't change all your bad habits at once

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Items needed

  • 5 or 6 balls, pieces of fruit, or other small items

Hold in your hand five or six small balls or other small items, and tell the class that these represent a handful of weaknesses (our leader wrote names of some bad habits on paper and wrapped them around spools of thread like procrastination, lying, profanity, sleeping in, eating unhealthy foods).

Select a student and ask him/her to try to overcome these weaknesses by catching them. Then throw the balls to the student all at once. At least one will probably be dropped.

How might this demonstration apply to overcoming bad habits?

Throw the balls to the student one at a time so she can catch each one.

Point out that we develop self-mastery by working on one habit at a time, not expecting perfection from ourselves all at once.

Scripture Point out that King Benjamin gave some excellent advice that we might consider as we think of overcoming our bad habits. Have the class read Mosiah 4:27. (Source: YW Manual 2, Lesson 40, Developing Self Mastery)

October 31, 2004
Scripture Reference:
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