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(This makes a 3-D snowflake. Better directions can be found on the internet, if needed, but this is how I used it. here's one site it can be found on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ausJdGcgs0k)


When a man becomes converted (square off an 8 1/2" x 11" paper & cut off excess),

if he is truly converted then he allows God to change change him (fold twice - corner to corner).

It's important that he be truly converted & holds tight to his convictions because the process of true conversion can be difficult or trying & brings trials that will test his choice. (cut 3 slits in paper towards the fold).

But as he holds true to his convictions (unfold paper & tape corners of smallest slit together to form a tube shape),

he discovers changes have occurred (tape next slit corners opposite side as the 1st one was taped).

He discovers that he has become a small part of something beautiful & joyous (tape last slit corners on same side as 1st slit);

truly an instrument shaped by the Lord's own hands. His joy becomes overflowing as he is joined by others. (Make 5 others & connect them at bottom tip(center) & on sides leaving gap where 6th one will be).

This was used discussing Alma the Younger the Sons of Mosiah's true conversion, there trials among the Lamanites, & Ammon's expression of joy in chap. 26 after the meaning conversions. Concluded with v. 12-13, & 16.

We can experience this same joy if we become truly converted & hold tight to our convictions. "God can do more with us than we can with ourselves so we ought to let him." (as quoted by Thomas S. Monson)

March 4, 2010
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