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Crackers or Consequences

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Items needed:

mouse trap


Crackers: Before class take a box of Graham Crackers or any type will work. With masking tape or frosting attach a small card to the back of each cracker.

Cards: Each card will have either a good or a bad decision written on it. I.e. Lying, smoking, stealing, word of wisdom issues, clean entertainment, kindness, charity, honesty, hard work , sharing, etc.


Have students each take a cracker (they will not know (at first) that there are choices on the back)

Do not have them eat them but have them read the choice written on the back of the cracker.

For each cracker ask  "Does this choice represent a trap or a truth?"

If it represents a trap have them place it in the trap and let it pop.

If it represents a truth have them place it on the plate for later enjoyment. Or you can let them enjoy it now.

Ask the students "Why do you think a person would make this choice when it leads them to a trap?" "Why do we sometimes make choices that will not lead to freedom and enjoyment?"

This is an attention getter that leads into a deeper discussion concerning 4 Nephi 1

April 13, 2010
Scripture Reference:
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