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The Holy Ghost Brings us Comfort by Shining our path way with Light

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I was asked to speak at a Baptism on the Holy Ghost. The twin girls were 14 and new to the church.

I purchased 2 small $1 flashlights and put them in simple gift bags.

I spoke on the Gift of the Holy Ghost and used Scriptures that talked about how finding truth through the light of Christ and the Holy Ghost. I wove my talk around the power of the Holy Ghost both lightens our paths and leads us to the truth. I then gave the girls their "gifts" of the"Holy Ghost" which were the flashlights.

AS I gave them their flashlights I talked about how different parts of the flashlight could be likened to the Holy Ghost and how He helps guide us to truth.

Lights.... I talked to them about how their lights were small (because they were young in the gospel) but that they still would shine brightly.

Battery ......I asked them what they would do when the batteries in their flashlights grew dim? They said they would replace the batteries. I told them that the Holy Ghost's power might also grow dim, but instead of replacing batteries we simply came to sacrament and recharged our batteries by being around truth and others who were filled with God's love.

Purpose.... we compared the purpose of a flashlight and the purpose of the Holy Ghost


I had in my pocket a larger and older flashight. I took it out and it refused to work. I acted frustrated because I couldn't get my flashlight to work properly. When I couldn't get it to work I asked one of the missionaries at the baptism to check it out for me. He opened it and found that there was paper between the battery and the lightbulb. On the paper was written sin, anger, jealousy, gossip, and other things that would keep the battery from lighting up the flashlight. When he removed the "sin" the flashlight worked just fine.

Use... Flashlights that don't get used grow old with corrosion. The best way to keep a flashlight working is to use it often. The same holds true with the Holy Ghost. The best way to learn how to use the Holy Ghost is to use it often.

I finished with scriptures that spoke on how important is it to keep our batteries charged and clean from sin. I compared going through life with a flashlight that was in ill repair with being in a dark forest without light.

I bore my testimony to the power the Holy Ghost has in keeping us on the path of truth.

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