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April 13, 2010
The Holy Ghost Brings us Comfort by Shining our path way with Light

I was asked to speak at a Baptism on the Holy Ghost. The twin girls were 14 and new to the church. I purchased 2 small $1 flashlights and put them in simple gift bags. I spoke on the Gift of the Holy Ghost and used Scriptures that talked about how finding truth through the […]

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February 15, 2006
Baptism Egg

Items needed crayons hard-boiled egg Hold up the pure white egg and tell how we all come to the earth pure and unblemished. As we grow, we make mistakes which tarnish us. Take the crayons and make marks on the shell of the hard boiled egg as you mention possible sins-lied to my mom, hit […]

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April 24, 2005
Keep the Sabbath/Taking the Sacrament

Items needed a dirty glass a glass cleaner wipe I dirtied the glass by misting it with water and sprinkling it with dust. I placed the glass on an easel on the table. At the appropriate time in the lesson, I used a glass cleaner wipe to clear away a swath on the glass. The […]

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