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Balloon Burst

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Have a certain color balloon assigned for each team. Each set of balloons contains clues for the 25 scripture masteries. (You don’t have to use all 25 balloons and clues). Put the balloons scattered all over the floor in one area by you.

When you say “GO” one member of each team runs to get their color of balloon and takes it back to their team where someone has to blow up, tie, and pop the balloon by sitting on it. (No cheating)

After they pop the balloon they get out the clue, determine the scripture reference to answer the clue. (They may use their scriptures). Have them write the reference on their clue paper. Then, and only then, can another member go get another balloon and begin the process again.

Make sure that no one is going for balloons before they have the answer written down! (You may wish to check them as they go).

When the allotted time is up you can see who has the most correct answers or you can play till one team finishes first.

My kids loved this game! Be warned, it can get noisy and wild. Of course that’s why they liked it.

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