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Circle the Clues

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Lay out 10 to 25 SM reference cards, face up in a circle—this becomes the “game board”. Inside the circle, lay out the matching keyword cards, upside down. Place a penny (to use as a moving marker) on any of the reference cards.

All the students sit around in a circle so they can all see the cards. The first player rolls a die and moves the penny (in either direction) around the game board (moving one space—reference card–per number rolled).

The player then picks up an upside down card from the middle and sees if the keyword matches the reference the penny landed on. If so, he keeps the keyword card and flips the reference card upside down. (The reference cards that are upside down are skipped when moving the penny around the game board.) If it is not a match, then he must place the keyword card back where he picked it up from. The next player then rolls the die and moves, etc.

The winner is the student holding the most keyword cards when all keyword cards have been collected.

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