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Move One

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Make 2 game cards per SM—one with the reference and one with the keywords. (Ken Alford suggests using magnetic business cards that you can purchase at an office supply store—if you have a blackboard or whiteboard that is magnetic, of course.) Place all of the game cards on the board in pairs (either one above the other or side-by-side). (The written side in view). None of the card pairs should be matching cards.

The player (or team) at the board identifies one of the cards on the board that does not match. They pick that card up and trade it with another card so that it creates a matched set of cards. The card that was removed is now switched with another card to create a new matched set, etc. (This game works well with teams taking turns or one team can be allowed to continue trading cards until they can no longer make any matches.)

FILL-THE-HOLE GAME: This game is similar to the MOVE ONE GAME previously discussed, except play begins with one card missing. Players move one card at a time to create a match where the hole on the magnetic board is currently located.
You can do all of these games timed or untimed. You can also have students play individually, in teams, or against you.

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