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Give each team a grid and label the columns 1,2,3,4,5. Label the rows A,B,C,D,E. Place the grids so that the teams can gather around their own grid, but can not see the other team’s gameboard.

Give each team two different colors of markers. With one color they can mark their own ships. Have them place a 4 square ship, a 3 square ship, a 2 square ship and a 1 square ship. (The ships can be diagonal, too). Also have them mark 2 bombs. With the other color, they can track the other teams progress.

The teacher gives a SM clue to the first team. If they answer correctly, they take a guess (i.e. “B-3). The opposite team looks at their game grid (at “B-3) and announces if it was a “hit” on one of their ships or a miss. (If it was a bomb, then the first team would lose a turn and team two would get to have two clues in a row.) Keep alternating between teams until one team has hit all 4 ships of the opposing team.

Variation. Don’t alternate turns, but allow anyone to answer the SM clue and which ever team answers first gets to take the guess.

(You can separate into pairs or teams for this game. ~Jenny)

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