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Form two lines (snakes). Everyone needs a pencil and only the first person in each row can use their scriptures. Give a sheet of paper to the last person in each row that has a SM clue written on it (same clue for both snakes).

When you say “go” the last student looks at the clue and writes down his guess for the SM reference. Then he passes it one person forward in line. This student looks at the clue and if he agrees with the answer, he rewrites the same answer beneath the first answer. If he disagrees, he writes his own guess beneath the first answer. He then passes it up a person in line.

Play continues as the snakes race the paper to the first person in line who reviews what all his teammates have answered and then writes the final answer. He is allowed to use his scriptures if there is time, but the first team to shout done gets the point (if the “final” answer is correct.)

The last person then moves to the head of the line and the teacher hands out a new SM clue paper to the last person in line. Play as many rounds as you want.

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