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Enlarge the SM (print it in big font so it fills the page) and make a copy for each team. Cut into 12 equal squares, mix up, and place in an envelope (one envelope per team.)

Phase one: teams open their envelope and race to put together the puzzle. Award a point for completing the puzzle first.

Phase two: someone from an opposite team turns over one of the square puzzle pieces from team 1 (so some of the words are now blocked out). Someone from team 1 must recite the SM (obviously, filling in from memory the words that are blocked out). They receive a point if they can do it.

Repeat with the next team and so on.

Once all teams have recited with one square blocked out, turn over a second square and choose a different person on the team to try and recite the SM. Keep turning over pieces until someone can recite entire SM from memory.

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