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Tear it Up

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Print out the SM (in 90 pts, landscape), then cut and tape into one long line. (Roll it up.) (Or have the students write out the SM on a piece of adding machine tape—which you can buy at Walmart.) Do this 3 more times so you have 4 copies.

Divide the room into 4 squares (with masking tape) and place a SM roll into each section.

Divide the students into 4 groups and have each group unroll and read the SM. Tell each group to make four tears (rips) in the SM strip, mix them up and set them in a pile in the middle of their area. On “go” they jump to the next square and put together that SM. When they are all finished, each team makes four more tears in the SM strip and piles them in the center of their area. On “go” they all jump to the next square and arrange the pieces in correct order. Keep repeating until they end up back at their original spot and put together that SM strip one last time (of course, it’s in a bunch of little pieces by now!)

Variation: Use two different SM and place the same one in area #1 and #3 and the other one in #2 and #4. Don’t tell the students that they will be jumping into a different scripture (they’ll figure it out soon enough!)

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