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Charades Lines

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Submitted by: Chuck Kipp
Added: September 4, 2008
Duration: 10 to 30 minutes

– Scripture Mastery Cards the cards on Bro. Kipp?s Seminary Place (http://home.earthlink.net/~cccckipp/) or use the cards provided by CES
– You could also use the full size 8 ½ x 11 version of the SM cards from Bro. Kipp?s Seminary Place
Chalkboard or Whiteboard for keeping score

– Try to accumulate the most points for your team by guessing the correct scripture mastery verse from your partner
– Score one point for the team that shouts out the correct scripture mastery verse

How To Play:
– Set up the chairs according to the diagram

SM charades Charades Lines

– Divide up into the appropriate number of teams
– Have the teams decide who is going to start out as the ?charader? and who is going to start out as the ?shouter?
– Have everyone sit in their appropriate chair other
– Stand behind the ?shouters? so that they cannot see the SM card
– Choose a SM card from the pile to begin
– Hold the SM card in the air and show it to the charaders
– The charaders will begin making silent clues
– The round is over when the teacher hears a shouter say the correct SM Book, chapter, and rhyming or key the verses as well.
– Reward the team that guessed the correct SM verse one point
– Put the SM card aside and choose another to start the next round
– Have the charaders and the shouters switch every 2 over behind the charaders and the shouters now become the charaders

– If you need to involve more people, set a second row of chairs behind the shouters. This is the ?chasing? row. When the correct scripture mastery verse is shouted out. Say ?Yes!

– In addition to giving points to the team that shouts the SM verse out first, reward a point to the first 2 or 3 teams that are able to find the reference in their scriptures.

Colby Kipp Website Handout

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