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Tossers and Chasers

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Submitted by: Chuck Kipp
Added: September 7, 2007
Duration: 10 to 30 minutes

Goal: Score the most points by landing pennies into the cups.

? Box of pennies
? 3 Paper or Plastic Cups ? the wide, low-profile plastic cups work best
? Masking Tape
? Small Table or Music Stand
? Chalkboard or whiteboard for keeping score

? Score one point for each penny that lands AND STAYS in a cup

How To Play:
1. Divide into 2 teams

2. Arrange the student?s chairs or tables so that everyone is about the same distance from the cups

3. Tape 3 cups to the table or music stand so they don?t fall over. I usually tape them in a straight line about 3 inches apart. Taping them in a triangle will work too.

4. Give each team member 2 or 3 pennies ? you?ll have to replenish as the game goes on.

5. Determine which team will be the ?tossers? and which team will be the ?chasers?.

6. To begin, give a scripture mastery clue or show a scripture mastery card to the chasers.

7. Overall, there is a ten second time limit for shooting and searching.

8. The chasers can stop the shooters from shooting if 2 or 3 of the chasers are open to the scripture mastery reference. If this happens, say, “Stop!”

9. Tally the pennies that are in the cups, empty them, write the score on the chalkboard or whiteboard, and now the tossers become the chasers, etc.

– Bums must stay in the chair when shooting pennies

– Before each round begins, allow each student to have their scriptures open to the scripture mastery reference they think will come next.

– Take the opportunity to review each scripture mastery reference after the shooting is over.

– Make sure to have the class help you retrieve pennies when the game is over!

– There are many possibilities for this game ? you could use wadded up paper instead of pennies and a garbage can or bucket.

– Another idea is to use a muffin tin with paper circles taped in the bottom of the muffin cups with different point values.


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