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Chase, Pull and Shoot Relay

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Submitted by: Rick Romney
Added: October 1, 2007
Duration: >30 minutes

Goal: Score as many points for your team as possible by scripture chasing, riding/pulling a rider on a towel, and shooting a basket.

? Available gym with basketball hoop
? Large towels
? 3 small basketballs
? Chairs or other markers
? Chalkboard or whiteboard for keeping score

– The first ball shot in is worth two points
– The remaining made shots are worth one point

How To Play:
1. Arrange the chairs on the basketball court ? these are the ?markers? that they pull the towels around to get to the free throw line. Be creative!

2. Spread the towels a few feet apart near the baseline.

3. Divide the class into teams of two or three people.

4. Place three basketballs at the free throw line.

5. Teams begin by sitting on the stage or somewhere near the towels.

6. Begin the game by announcing a scripture mastery reference or clue to the group

7. When each team reaches the scripture mastery, they must read the first line together.

8. One of the students in each team will ride the towel and the other(s) will pull the rider

9. Each rider is pulled from the baseline, around the chairs, and to the free throw line

10. The rider is the shooter. You could make an exception here and make any member of the team the shooter.

11. Replace the basketballs and the towels and give the next scripture clue

– The first team to reach the free throw line has the advantage of shooting from the middle of the key.

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