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Darts (can be used with magic squares)

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(This is a good one to play the first few weeks when you are first learning the “magic square”). I play this game using a Nerf dart gun (the kind with a suction cups at the end of the darts. You could also use one of those balls covered in suction cups.)

To prepare, draw the magic square grid on the white board as large as possible. Fill in only the Book and Chapter of each square. Someone from the first team shoots the dart gun and (hopefully) lands onto one of the squares. (I let them shoot as many times as necessary to hit the board –as long as they are really trying and not just goofing off). If the team can identify the key words (or rhyme) to the reference, they get a point. If the dart gun shooter can quote the scripture from memory, then another point is added for the team.

I then erase the reference from that square. A person from the next team comes up to shoot and play continues. If a dart lands on a space that has been erased already, they must say the reference and key word (or rhyme) all from memory that belongs in that particular square. If they can recite all the info then they are given one point. (And an additional point if they can quote the entire scripture from memory.)

This is fun, as the kids try to aim for the shortest scripture each time (‘cause they can all quote this one! for the extra point). Oftentimes, however, the dart lands on a nearby square instead, so they learn those squares real well, also.

Variation: If you don’t have a dart gun, lay the grid on the floor and toss a bean bag

(I’ve played this with my class — the kids loved it. ~Jenny)

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