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Doctrinal Mastery Scavenger Hunt

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If you’re playing this in the seminary class you’ll need to prep the students the day before by telling them to bring their backpacks, purses, wallets, etc. into the classroom. Put a note on your door to remind them to bring the items in from their cars. In the center of the room, make a masking tape square 2’x2’ish. The students will sit around the square.

The scavenger list is provided below. Edit it to include the items the kids in your class are most likely to have or to include items you can casually place around your room.

The game begins with you giving a key phrase, keywords, or application. The first team to locate the scripture in their scriptures (all must do so) gets a point.

You then ask the winning team to give you a number from 1-55. All teams then race to see who can place that item in the square first. That team gets a point.

I limit the use of items in my house to items in the room in plain sight. Also, once an item is in the square, it is out of play for the rest of the game. So…if a shoe is placed in the square because it has a shoelace in it the whole shoe stays in the square until the game is over. Items should be “placed” in the square not thrown.

Zoom rules: Rather than playing as teams, we played as individuals (siblings using the same computer could play as a team.) Once I read the key phrase, the students turned to the scripture. They used the chat bar to write the scriptural reference. The first person to write it correctly (book, chapter, verse) got 2 points. Everyone who could find it in 30 seconds got 1 point. The winner of that round picked a number between 1-55. I called out a scavenger item. The first person to hold it up in front of the camera where I could see it earned another point. Kids with the messiest rooms typically did the best on this. I let the kids keep their own scores.

Scavenger Items

1) Shoelace
2) Earbuds
3) Wallet
4) Red Pencil
5) Pen
6) Hymn book
7) Book Mark
8) Safety Pin
9) Bobby pin or barrette
10) Cell phone
11) Rubber band
12) Key
13) Credit card
14) Sock
15) Comb
16) Brush
17) School picture (not ID)
18) Watch
19) Pocket lint
20) Left shoe
21) Stick of unchewed gum
22) Nail clippers
23) #2 Pencil
24) Library card
25) Driver’s License
26) Candy
27) Penny
28) Quarter
29) $1.00 bill
30) Ruler
31) Comb with missing tooth
32) Watch
33) Earring
34) Ring
35) Necklace
36) Belt
37) Eraser
38) Kleenex or handkerchief
39) Keychain
40) Sticker
41) Mirror
42) Lip balm
43) Hand lotion
44) Index card
45) Calculator
46) Breath Mint
47) Sunglasses
48) Nail file
49) Paper clip
50) Jacket/Coat
51) Anything with Velcro
52) Cough Drop
53) Any kind of make up
54) Scrunchy or hair elastic
55) Right Shoe

Collaborative file located here.

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