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Draw a football field on the board (with about 3” between each 5 yard line. Toss coin to see which team is first and place the ball on the 20 yard line. Ask the first team a question and if they answer correctly, they roll the two dice and move accordingly:

#2 Touchdown—6 points
#3 Interception—loose ball
#4 50 yard pass
#5 Quarterback sack—loose 10 yards
#6 30 yard gain on run#7 10 yard gain on possession
#8 20 yard gain on play
#9 Holding penalty—loose 15 yards
#10 Field goal 3 points
#11 40 yard pass
#12 Touchdown –6 points

Each team gets four turns, unless there is an interception.

If the team scores a touchdown or field goal the score is recorded. They get a bonus question to try for the extra point. The ball returns to the 20 yard line for the other team’s turn.

If no touchdown or field goal was attained within the four turns, then the ball stays where it is at on the field and the other team now starts their turn.

(Note: if a penalty is going to take a them back into the other team’s end zone, divide the penalty yards in half.)
Variation: You can score 2 points for a safety if you want to.

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