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Fruit Basket Upset

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(This is a favorite game!) Prepare cards that say things like: “move 2 chair to the Right” “move 2 chair to the left” “move 4 chairs to the left” “move 3 chairs to the right” “chairs #1 and #4 switch places” “winner chooses any chair” “fruit basket upset (everyone switches places)” Etc.

Arrange the chairs in a circle and divide the circle in half (i.e. with masking tape on the floor –or just by separating into two semi-circles). Label the two chairs at the “top” of the circle (one chair from each team) as the #1 chair. Continue numbering down both sides until you reach the “bottom” of the circle. Something like this (depending on the number of student):

fruitbasketupset Fruit Basket Upset

Each side (team) will need a set of reference cards. Have each side divvy up the reference cards in a random manner, but as equal as possible. Depending on how many SM’s you want to use, each student may have one, two or three, or more SM references in their hand. Tell the students that the SM they are holding actually belong to the chair they are sitting on. They are not to take their SM references with them as they move; they are to leave them on the seat. Give each team only one set of scriptures.

To play, the teacher starts reading a SM. The student on each team with that particular SM reference card, grabs the team scriptures and looks up the SM. The first (of the two) to locate the SM and stand up, receives a point (provided he located the correct scripture). Keep a point tally for each semi-circle.

After every other clue, have the winning person also draw a movement card. All students (both teams) do as indicated on the card. Remember, the reference cards must stay on the chair—don’t take them with you. Therefore, students will be moving to a new seat with new reference cards for which they are responsible.

(Note: the movement my force some students from the winning side to move to the losing side and vice versa!) Continue play until all 25 SM’s have been read (or until a set time). The students get to choose a candy bar (or whatever prize) according to the pecking order of the seat they ended up in.

The #1 chair of the side with the most points gets to choose first, followed by the #2 chair of the winning side, etc. After everyone from the winning side has picked, then chair #1 of the losing side chooses, chair #2, etc.

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