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Tic Tac Toe

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*TIC TAC TOE. Divide into two teams. Sit away from the board and have each team lay out a set of SM reference cards. The teacher reads the SM clue, and both teams search for the correct reference card. The two students who grab the correct reference, race to the board. Who ever draws their team symbol (X or O) first gets to keep it on the board. Continue play with a new SM clue, but a different student must be the “runner”. (Note: in this version it is possible that one team will get to place two “X”’s or “O”’s in a row.)

*TIC TAC KNOW. Teacher makes an answer sheet for herself by drawing a 3X3 grid and numbering the squares 1-9. Next, place a SM in each square. Have each student make their own grid and randomly label the squares 1-9. Select a student to be first. He requests a certain number and the teacher gives the SM clue for that number on her answer grid. All students have about 3 seconds as the teacher slowly says “tic tac know” to fill in the book and chapter. If they put down the correct reference with in the allotted time, then they mark that box. (If they don’t know it or get it wrong, they erase the wrong guess and leave the square blank. Any student can re-call that same square on their turn.) All students have the chance to get it right and mark theri squares each time a clue is given. Play continues as the next student picks a number and the teacher reads the corresponding clue. Continue until someone gets Tic Tac Toe, three in a row. Toss that student a small candy or give them a point and continue until you want to change answer grids.

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