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Go Fish

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Make up one set of 3 by 5 cards for each group. Cards are best made from poster board or colored 3 by 5 cards. Half of the cards should have a scripture mastery reference written on them and the other half, the key words. You may want to make each set from cards from a different color of poster board or colored 3 by 5 cards.

Divide the class into zones or small groups. Deal seven cards to each small group. Students take turns asking each other for cards that will match those in their hand by matching the scriptures verse to the key words. If the student being asked has the match, that card is given to the student who requested it. The student puts his match in a separate pile, and he gets another turn. If the student does not have the card being requested, the first student draws a card from the fish pile. The next student then takes a turn. The student with the most matches at the end of the game wins.

Use the same set of cards you prepared for Fish. Spread out all the cards face down singly. Students take turns turning over two cards, attempting to match a reference with the correct annotation. The winner is the student with the most matches.

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