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White Elephant

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Put “Stuff” in small brown paper bags—1 item per bag, one bag per student plus 1 extra bag. Items can be small things like a pencil, chap stick, a pkg. of Kool-aid or hot chocolate, a scented candle, a comb, a bookmark, a piece of candy, a highlighter, anything from good to ridiculous. I always just used stuff from around my house. Like a roll of TP, a granola bar…

At Seminary: Put one bag per student in attendance, plus one extra bag, in the middle of he floor. Have all students sit on the floor in a circle or place their chairs in a circle.

The chase begins! Give a clue. The first student to find the correct verse gets to choose a bag and opens it so all can see what is inside. Once a student gets a bag, they sit out until each student gets one right and therefore gets a bag. Once everyone gets a bag (which they have opened and showed everyone else), the real fun begins. The next person who gets the scripture can “Steal” a bag from anyone else or take the “extra” bag from the middle. If they steal a bag, the one whose bag has been stolen takes from the middle either the extra bag, or the bag that has been left from the one who stole. You can only have one bag at a time. The trick is to not have anything in a bag of great value.

[This would be a fun game to alter for a classroom Christmas game. Have the students bring the white elephant gifts. ~Jenny]

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