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Huck-in Lucky

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Divide the class into two teams. For each round, a team will need a Hucker (thrower) and a Shucker (rebounder). Team One will start by yelling out a Scripture Mastery clue to the other team. As soon as the clue is given the Hucker from team one throws “Lucky” (the name of the stuffed animal) into the basket or garbage can across the room. If he misses it is rebounded by the Shucker and the Hucker moves up to the next line to throw. Meanwhile each member of team two is trying to find the scripture mastery and then place their scriptures on their head. As soon as the Hucker from team one gets “Lucky” in to the basket or can, the teacher yells “Stop” and team two must stop looking. Team one will get a point for every person on team two that has not found the reference yet. Then team one and two switch rolls and team two sends up a Hucker and Shucker. Have a different Hucker and Shucker each round. Team with the most points wins.

EDITED 11-12-13:

This is Kellee B’s class’s favorite variation on this fun game:

he variation that I now do a lot (and we like it better because they are all always playing) on it is that I take the same stuffed animal and bucket and put it in the middle of the room.  I then divide my class into two or you could even do three or four teams for this one, depending on the size of your room.  Anyway, so you set up as many chairs as their are members of a team having the bucket in the middle of them. So for me, a class of 10 kids, if they are all there, I have a bucket in the middle of the room, with five chairs on each side of the bucket equally spaced from it.  So the front person in the chair is now the shucker, and the back person on the is the hucker.  So to play, I call out a SM and both teams have to find it in their scriptures, once they all do, then their shucker can throw the animal to their hucker and he can try to shoot for a basket in front of his row.  If he misses, the shucker chases after it, and throws it to him so that he can try again.  The game ends when one of the teams makes a basket and that team scores the point.  So this one there is only one point given for each round.  Now some rules we like to play with are, the hucker cannot huck until all players have found the SM reference (and I don’t have the hucker search because they are too competitive and will just throw down their scriptures and I am not in the business of ruining scriptures).   so they can start as soon as they can, but I also have to run over and make sure they are on the right reference.  They can start shooting before I check, because I am only one person and so its not fair to the other team if I am only on one side, but if someone is at a wrong reference once I check and they have started shooting, the other team gets the point.  This never happens as I also let them work as a team and help each other out.  But you could choose not to I suppose to make it more challenging.   Also, the hucker cannot start shooting until all bottoms on in their chairs. So when their shucker throws it to them, they can’t start shooting until that person is sitting back down.  Also their bottom has to be sitting as well.  And this is where it gets funny because they can’t hardly see the bucket in the front.  Their team mates are allowed to crouch down in their chairs, but they are not allowed to move their chairs at all.  and they have to be sitting on their bottoms.  This way its almost a game of chance as well as scripture chasing.  Again, favoring no one player but still working on mastering.

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