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Before you can have effective scripture chasing, they first need to learn the references to the key words or clues. This game sharpens that skill. It will also help you see who is your fastest. There are many versions of this game. How I do it is I set a long row of tables and seat students on each side facing each other. All student’s things (including scriptures) need to be put away far from the tables. They may use their bookmarks if they still need it.

One end is the top positions and the other is the bottom positions. There can be no seats not filled and only an even number of students can play at once. One paper (see handouts) is placed between each pair facing each other. Some key words are said by you and the first in the pair to touch that square with their index finger, wins. Do best of 3. Then the winner of the best of 3 goes ONE seat up (towards the top position) and the looser goes down ONE seat towards the bottom position. After each best of three, each student will have to move down or up. No one can remain sitting in the same place unless they won in the very top position or lost in the very bottom position. They may have to switch to the other side of the table if the chair next to them is filled. The first time can be confusing but once you have done it a couple of times, it’s easy.

The number or chairs and tables will naturally depend on the size of your class. In the future, instead of using the handout, you can use scripture mastery cards. You can also do it chasing in their scriptures. The proceeding are handouts for all four years of seminary.

John Bushman has shared a Gotcha! varation. Instructions are attached below.

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