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I Have, Who Has?

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(This is more of a cooperative class participation activity than a competition game).

Preparation: Have all the students form a line and sit down side by side. Give each student a SM card (at random), a 3X5 card, and pencil. (The first person in line will not need a SM card). On the top half of their 3X5 card, have the students write down the SM reference of the SM card. (Write neatly!) (The first person in line does not have a SM card, so they write “First Card” instead of a SM reference.) Then have everyone pass their SM card one person to the left. (Now the first person in line has a SM card, but the last person in line does not.) On the bottom half of their 3X5 card, the students write down keywords or phrases (or any clue they choose) of the new SM card that they are now holding. (The last person in line does not have a SM card and therefore does not write a clue; instead they write “The End”. I like to make myself the last person in line, so that all students get to write a clue.) Now the cards are ready for play.

Shuffle the cards well and pass out one to each person. (I keep the first card out for myself and start the game). The person who has “First Card” starts by reading the clue at the bottom of their card Who ever thinks they have the correct reference (listed on the top of their card) to that clue says “I have…(and states whatever reference matched the clue)”. If the class agrees that this is the correct match, then the person who had the correct match reads the next clue (found on the bottom of his card). The person who has the matching card announces the correct reference and then reads the next clue, etc. The game is over when the last person reads “The End” at the bottom of their card.

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