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Paper Airplanes

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Put down a masking tape line (all launches behind line). Out on the landing “field” place 5 sheets of paper each with various bonus points written on them. Also place out two sheets of black paper, the “mines” –no points at all if your plane lands on one of those.

Give each team (or individual) several sheets of paper. You give the clue and say “go”. Each team writes the answer (SM reference) on a piece of paper, folds it into a plane and throws the plane onto the field (trying to land on one of the bonus point papers). Everyone who wrote the correct answer on their plane gets 5 points, plus any additional points if they landed on bonus papers (or no points if they hit the mine.)

Ask the next question and repeat.

Tally scores.

Variation. To speed things along, I ask three questions at once, give them three sheets of paper, and various team mates work on each plane simultaneously—lots of planes are on the field at once.

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