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Submitted by: Elizabeth Ingersoll
Added: September 7, 2007
Duration: >30 minutes

Divide the teams in half.(I handed out name labels with #1-7 in black ink on 7 labels, and #1-7 in red ink on 7 other labels for the 14 members of our class, to randomly create a red team and a black team.

We went into the gym (cultural hall) where I had taped bases using most of the gym, with plenty of space between bases. Near home plate, set up chairs for the dugout, where the team that is “up” will sit with their scriptures. The team in the outfield takes their places around at the bases, pitching mound, outfield, shortstop, wherever.

Teams may earn points two ways: One point for each base earned before the runner is TAGGED OUT WITH THE BALL. (5 points for a home run.) OR, 5 points if EVERYONE in the dugout finds the scripture before the runner is tagged. Once you are tagged, you are out and you return to the dugout. (No sticking on a base, just keep on running). I allow them to run outside the baseline to avoid being tagged — it’s wild but fun).

When I start reading the scripture (or giving a clue) the pitcher rolls the ball toward home plate. The #1 player at the plate kicks the ball. If she is tagged between second and third, the team earns two points, and she returns to the dugout, and player #2 is up.

There are no outs; an inning is over when each player has been up.

Warning: Sometimes the dugout people are more interested in watching the action than looking up the scripture. I deducted one point every time I saw someone NOT looking up the scripture.

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