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Spoons with a Twist

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Submitted by: Chuck Kipp
Added: April 1, 2009
Duration: 10 to 30 minutes

Goal: Score the LEAST amount of points by turning as quickly as you can to the SM verse and grab a spoon as quickly as you can.

– 1 set of scripture mastery cards
– Enough spoons for every player or team, minus 1
– Scorekeeping sheet
– Big Table – a round one is probably best. You could also play on the floor.

– Give one to each person or team that DOES NOT get a spoon. The object is to get the LEAST amount of points.

How to Play
– Begin by writing all the players or teams down on the scorekeeping sheet with room to keep score. I decided not to use the chalkboard for this game, as I enjoy playing it with them.

– Make sure everyone has their scriptures ready to chase.

– The goal is to get your scriptures open to the verse and grab a spoon to AVOID getting points. In this game, the less points you have, the better. (This was Elizabeth Ingersoll?s idea and makes it much easier to keep score)

– Put the spoons in the middle – start out with one less spoon than there are players or teams.

– Shuffle the cards, put them where all can see, and flip over the top card.

– The chase is on! As soon as each person or team finds the scripture, they can grab a spoon.

– This leaves the last person or team to find the scripture without a spoon.

– Give the person or team that DID NOT get a spoon a point, and turn over the next card.

– The twist is that you don?t have to take away any spoons, if you don?’t want to, like the traditional game. This makes it possible for many to do well and keeps everyone engaged.

– It does make it more competitive to take a spoon away every few rounds, if you like. No one is ?out? ? they will only score a point for not getting a spoon.

– If you do take away multiple spoons, give a point to all players or teams left without a spoon.

– We got through all 25 verses in about 20 minutes – keep the game moving.

– I like to stop every few and talk about the particular verse.

– You could make this even more fun if you divided into teams of two and mixed it with Blind Flippers (one person flips with eyes closed with clues from partner) or Left and Right (person on the left turns only the pages on the left – person on the right turns only the pages on the right)

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