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Submitted by: Teri Peterson
Added: March 5, 2008
Duration: 10 to 30 minutes

? Straws
? 1 cup for holding straws
? Scripture Mastery key words on small strips of paper, about ½ inch by 3 inches

– Give one point for the first basket made on each turn

How To Play:

  • Roll up key word strips tight enough to slip into ends of straws, one key
    word per straw.
  • Tap opposite end of straw to make sure they cannot pry out key word
    with fingers.
  • To play, when you say go, one team member from each team runs up
    and gets one straw from the cup which the straws are in.
  • They take straw back to team, blow out the clue, look at the key word,
    and look up the correct reference.
  • The whole team must be turned to the reference and hold up their
    scriptures so that the teacher can check to see if correct. If correct, they
    get a point for the team
  • Then another team member runs up and gets another clue, etc……

John Bushman’s variation:

With masking tape, make a 2 foot by 2 foot square on the carpet. Place a ping pong ball in the center of the square. Divide the class into 4 teams (each team sitting behind their side of the square). Each team is responsible to defend one side of the square. The teacher gives a clue and as soon as each member of that team has turned to the scripture, then they can send their representative (rotate them) to run up and, by blowing only (no hands): 1. prevent another team from blowing the ball past their line, and 2. try to blow the ping pong ball past another team’s line. No hands can go within the square, only heads and blowing. If the ball crosses a team’s line of defense, they get a point against them and that round ends. The team with the fewest points against them wins.

Modifications: If you have a smaller class, you may want to make a 2 foot triangle instead of square and break into only 3 teams. If you have a really small class, you may want to just divide into 2 teams and have a square with the other two sides being out of bounds. You can also make it interesting by surprising them and tossing in an extra ping pong ball.
Tip: make sure they spit out their gum before the game starts.

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