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Mad Ball (a March Madness game)

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Because our class is large, I had to make up a game that let all of my 6 zones compete against each other for points, but keep a basketball theme and keep everyone interested and participating. This game was fun and successful in my Seminary class, and I am certain the kids would love to play it again.


Determine the number of teams and rounds.  For me, it was 6 teams and 2 rounds for a total of 12 questions.  You can see my questions here.  Write your questions or use some of the trivia questions in the handout section.

You will need a die and a plate to roll it in, plus a ball and a basket or box.

Assign each of your teams a number from 1-6.  (See Notes below)

Mark on the floor three shooting positions with tape or paper.  I labeled mine 1-2 (close to the basket), 3-4 (farther from the basket), 5-6 (back of the room).

Game Play

  1. Invite a student from one of your teams to roll the die.  The number determines where the student will shoot from and which team can steal if the question is missed.
  2. The student moves to the position indicated by the number on the die.  For example, if a student rolls a three, s/he stands on the three position (middle difficulty), and Team 3 can steal.
  3. Ask a question from your list.  if the student who rolled the die gets the answer correct (he may ask his team for help), he can shoot.  If he scores, the team gets the points.  If he gets the answer incorrect, the team whose number was rolled may steal/rebound.  In our example, if the roller missed the question, Team 3 can attempt the answer.  If they get it correct, they can shoot.  If they make the shot from the same position, they get the points.
  4. Repeat.


A team must both answer the question correctly and make the shot to score.

Scoring for me was

1-2 position : 10 points3-4 position: 20 points
5-6 position: 30 points

because it was March Madness, but you can use 1, 2, 3 points like in a real game of basketball.

I had 6 teams, so each team had its own number.  If you have 3 teams, give each team, two numbers.  If you have 2 teams, go odd/even.  if you have 4-5 teams, you can offer stealing immunity on the numbers left over.

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