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Kellee’s KeyWord Matching Race

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Shared by Kellee B on the LDS Seminary Teachers Facebook Group:

So you get 25 3×5 cards and make sure they are all the same color of card (because these days they are in colors and not just white) and you want to cut them in half and write the keys words on one card and the reference on the other.  I lay these all out on a table and I have the key words and their reference sitting on top of each other, so I have the 25 references on the table.  All the kids have to go into a designated cell.  You can mark this off however you want to.  You just need to make sure that they are all behind a certain line until you say go. I then have an area that is several feet away from the cell and I take as many references as I have kids and I drop them all over the floor.  Not together, just each card all over the floor.  So I have ten kids and so I spread 5 scripture masteries, because that is ten cards (one for each kid playing) all over the floor.  When i say go, they all run to their card and start yelling out what their card says.  So one might find a card that says 1 Nephi 3:7, I start yelling out that reference and I am looking for my “partner” who has “I will go and do” or whatever the official key words are on their bookmark.  Then the two of them run to another designated place, again many feet away, and they have to run together, like locking arms, you can’t save a spot for your partner.  And then I have point values.  So the first team that gets there might get 200 points the second 150 points and so on down.  You can totally do whatever points you want.  We have an auction every trimester and so the kids get points toward that.  But you could just add up points for the day and have a winner or winners (because their could easily be a tie) or whatever.  [T]his game gets [students] saying the reference or key words over and over.  And as they hand me their cards back so I can keep them in pairs, I make them say the match to whatever they have.  So if one had picked up the card “I will go and do,” when they hand it back to me, they have to say, “1 Nephi 3:7”  again, just to get them repeating it over and over.  This game gets their hearts pumping.  We play lots of physical games in seminary and I tell them that I am helping the fulfill the newest requirement in the For The Strength of the Youth on physical exercise.  Hahaha!!  Anyway, its a great game and a favorite for sure!

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