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The Toilet Paper Game

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From Sharra D on the LDS Seminary Teachers Facebook Group:

My class did the Toilet Paper game last week and LOVED it. I got the idea from some ‘minute to win it’ post. I had two rolls of toilet paper hanging on a straight [horizontal] pole at the front of the class. I had about two feet of the tissue hanging down from each roll with a jingle bell attached at the bottoms. While one side of the class chased to find the scripture I read, the other side of the class shot rubber bands at their roll of toilet paper. The first team to have their jingle bell hit the floor wins! Lots of fun!!

I’m assuming that once the team has all found the scripture mastery passage, the shooting team stops and begins chasing a new passage while the other team shoots at their tissue roll. ¬†Sounds like so much fun! ~Jenny

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