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Master Mind

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All team members are given a few minutes to review the scripture. Each person is given a piece of paper and when the teacher says go they must write the scripture down on a piece of paper. The trick comes when the teacher tells them to switch papers. All persons in their team must switch what they have written with each other and correct that paper, then continue writing the scripture. Sometimes I will have them switch 15 times within the 2 minute period (shorter time for short scripture longer time for longer scripture). For the team to get a point, one of the papers in the group must contain the correct words first and the team must be able to read it (sometimes it takes help from other team members to read what someone else has written.) (I use this game often in my Seminary class. ~ Jenny)

UPDATED 11-12-13:

The following are some variations on MasterMind from Kellee B on the LDS Seminary Teachers Facebook Group:

One of the things that I like to do to get the kids memorizing scripture mastery in the morning is do a game that they do in pairs.  They get to open their scriptures to the one we are working on, and they take turns writing one word at a time (and sometimes I change it up and we write two or three just for fun) and they have to sit and change the paper back and forth and they are racing to be the first ones done.  If they are, they get lots of auction points.  That’s what works for incentive in my class.  Anyway, it gets them reading it over and over as they have to keep going over what the next word is and looking at it in their scriptures.  Also, the first player has to write the reference and at the end the second has to end it with the reference.  Again, repetition.   And then sometimes I will break them into teams and I will split the board in half with a line and they have to run to the board at a time writing whatever number of words that I say and they can’t take their scriptures and so they have to be following the memorizing so that they can write the words.  Also, if the person before you messes up, you are allowed to cross it off and then rewrite their word but then that counts as one of your words.  So it changes things up a bit. Hope these help.  My kids really like them and so maybe yours will too.

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