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Messy Basketball

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Submitted by: Chuck Kipp
Added: September 7, 2007
Duration: 10 to 30 minutes

Goal: Be the first team to have one of your teammates write the correct answer on a piece of paper, wad it up, and MAKE a basket

? Wastebasket, bucket, etc
? Many small pieces of paper
? Pencils ? 1 for each person
? Chalkboard or whiteboard for score tally

? The team that is first to make a basket gets one point

How To Play:
1. Place the wastebasket or bucket in the center of the room ? you may want to rearrange your chairs so that everyone is the same distance from the bucket

2. Read a scripture mastery reference clue or other question.

3. All the students ?frantically? write the answer on their piece of paper. They wad it up and try to make a basket. If they miss, they must get a new piece of paper and rewrite the answer.

4. When the teacher sees the first paper made, he/she yells STOP!

5. The teacher opens the paper and reads the answer aloud.

6. If it is correct, that team gets a point. If it is NOT correct, the teacher says ?GO!?, and play resumes until another paper is made in the basket.

7. Read the next clue to continue.

Use colored paper ? one color per team so you can tell which team made the basket.

You can use this to review scripture mastery or other lesson material.

Have your students help you clean up after. Messy but fun!

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