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Jenga with a Twist

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Submitted by: Chuck Kipp
Added: September 7, 2007
Duration: 10 to 30 minutes

Goal: Try NOT to be the team to tip over the Jenga stack

? One Jenga Game or Uno Stacko Game
? A table for music stand to put the Jenga Tower on
? Chalkboard or whiteboard for score tally

How To Play:
1. Set up the Jenga Tower on the table or music stand

2. Divide into 2-4 teams

3. Read a Scripture Mastery clue

4. All team members must find the scripture mastery reference in their scriptures and hold both hands in the air

5. When the teacher sees that one team has all their hands in the air, the teacher yells, STOP!

6. The team that found the reference first is exempt from playing Jenga

7. The other teams must send a team member to the table to play Jenga

8. When the tower falls, give a point to the other team(s)

9. HERE?S THE TWIST: When they remove a Jenga block, don?t have them play the traditional way of stacking the block symmetrically on top of the tower. Tell them that they can stack the block on top however they want. This is where it gets fun and the tower falls over more quickly. You can?t believe how my classes in the past have stacked the tower and it still stands.

– Encourage your students to let everyone take turns playing Jenga

– Keep the game moving ? start reading the next clue right after the last team stacks the jenga block on top of the tower.

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