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Muffin Tin Tiddly Winks

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Divide class into teams of 3-4 students. Prepare a muffin tin for each team by placing a round piece of paper in the bottom of each cup with arbitrary point values (both positive and negative points). Make the points similar for each team’s muffin tin. Give each student a quarter and begin reading the SM that you want them to locate. (You can read fast or slow, depending on the length of the SM). After they find the scripture, they flip the quarter with their thumbs into one of the muffin cups. If it doesn’t go in, they can try again and again until you are finished reading the verse. If they get it in early, they can help teammates locate the scripture.

When you are done reading the verse, say “stop” and each team add (or subtracts) the point values that their quarters landed in.

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