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Out of Thin Air

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(Game name comes from the fact that students have to rely upon their memories to play. No scriptures or reference pages are allowed.

Give a sheet of paper to each team (works best with smaller teams of 3-4 students) and have them number their paper 1-25.

Fold the paper in half the long way, forming two columns. Label the first column “SM reference” and the second column “SM keywords”. Give the sheet of paper to one member of the team.

When you say “go” that student from each team will write down any SM reference or keyword that they can recall from memory. He then passes the game sheet to the next student on their team. The next student adds either a new SM reference or keyword (in any open cell on the sheet), or fills in the matching half of one already listed. If a student finds a wrong answer on the sheet, he may erase a cell (only one cell), but that takes his turn (i.e. he can not then correct it or write in any cell) (until his turn comes around again).

The SM references do not have to be in any specific order, but, of course, the reference and keywords on the same line should both pertain to the same scripture. The game ends when one team completes their sheet, or when all students can no longer remember new SM references or keywords.

Total points as follows: 1 point for each correct SM reference, 1 point for each correct SM keyword, and 1 point for each correct line (reference and keyword combination.)

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