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Prep: Choose as many SM’s as there are students in the class. Divide each SM scripture into 8 parts, writing each phrase part onto a different card (you can use blank 3X5’s turned vertical). Let the students help make the cards, each taking a different SM and writing pieces of it onto 8 cards. At the top, right corner of each card, place a key word to represent that SM. For example, For Moses 7:18 write the word “zion” in the top right hand corner of all 8 cards. This key word will make it easy for the students to recognize which group of 8cards they are collecting to complete one SM verse.

To play the game: shuffle all the cards together, and deal out to all students. Give the students a few minutes to study their cards and figure out which SM they want to try and collect (usually the SM which they have the most cards of in their hand).

When you say “start”, all students begin trading cards all at the same time. The object is to obtain all 8 cards of the same SM, so you have a completed scripture in your hand. Trading occurs as each student takes from his hand a number of cards he does not want (This can be one card or up to four cards at a time). He holds the cards out near the floor face down in front of him. He calls out loud the number of cards they want to trade. (i.e. “Trade two cards! Two cards! Two!” Etc.) He may trade cards with any opponent who is also calling out the same number.

Sometimes a particular opponent will want to trade fewer cards than you do. In this case you may replace a card or two back in your hand and trade the smaller number.

Everyone continues trading in this manner. When a player gets all 8 matching SM cards to complete a full scripture, he yells “Scripture Master” and leaves the circle to put his cards in the correct sequential order.

Others may continue playing (and exiting as they collect all 8, taking the time to put their 8 cards in the right order.) They line up to recite the SM to the teacher, proving they had all 8 cards in the right order. (Each receives points according to their place in line).

Variation: More reverent version of this game: they trade by holding up that many fingers, instead of shouting out—no talking allowed.

Another Variation: you can add in a “bear” and “bull” card like the real PIT game.

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