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Scripture Man

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Provide each student with an enlarged copy of the grid (see links below)

Students may draw the following symbols in the squares of their choice on their game grid:
1 scripture man=100 points
1 scripture woman=100 points
1 temptation man=Lose 25 points
3 smiling faces= 20 points
squares without a drawing=5 points

You need to have your SM cards handy and a pencil. Let any student choose the first square (i.e. “D4” or “B1” etc). All students find that square and get ready to write in the reference to the SM that you start reading to them. (You will need to have a blank grid for yourself to keep track of the correct answers.) Have another student choose the next square and play continues through all 25 SM cards. Have the students at least write down a guess in each square, so that they will know which squares have already been used. List the correct answers at the end, and students mark the squares in which they answered correctly. Students then total the point for all squares with correct answers only, receiving extra points according to the symbols placed in particular game squares with correct answers.

Here are John Bushman’s instructions for Scripture Man:
In class, have your students fill out the Scripture Man board as indicated on the handout. To play the game, give a Scripture Mastery clue and then count down 15 seconds and call “Time”. Then pull out a square and ask the class what the right answer was. Those who got to the reference in time, get the points from that square. In other words, those who get to the correct page get the square that is chosen. As they get the hang of the game, go to 10 seconds or less. I have found this game is particularly good with classes that get too competitive because they are only competing with themselves.

Here are some scripture man documents you can download:



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