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Zoom Apples to Apples

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From Cyndi B. -

Zoom Apples to Apples

  1. Give everyone 2-3 minutes to gather 10-12 items from around the house that they could use to teach a gospel principle.
  2. One student is "the judge" for each round. Show a DM reference that the "judge" will read aloud. Students choose one of the items from their pile of "stuff" to go with that scripture.
  3. All students hold their chosen item in front of their cameras. The judge chooses which item best matches the scripture and explains why. (Make sure to discuss the meaning of the passage at some point in the process.)
  4. Repeat the process for all DM verses.

Q - on the first activity, "Apples to Apples", am I understanding correctly that the judge chooses the item and then the judge has to explain how the item matches up to the scripture? Or is it that the kids hold up an item and each kid explains why that item matches the scripture and then the judge picks which explanation & item is best? Thanks for the clarification!

A - Your second understanding is correct. The judge for that round DOESN'T hold up an item. The other students (and teacher) hold up their item and explain how it relates. They usually get really creative and have fun lobbying for their item to win the round. The judge listens to everyone and then chooses the one they like best. Then a different student acts as judge on the next round.

Cathy T - I did this in my last Zoom class and they loved it! (Thank for the idea Cyndi). I gave them a phrase and they earned 5 points whoever found the scripture first, then read it out loud to the class. The class could earn another 5 points for the best analogy used with their objects to describe the scripture. Everyone got 3 points for at least coming up with one. I had our missionaries join our class (there’s 3 of them) and they were my “reign of judges”.... I had them where crowns and they judged the best analogy that went along with the scriptures. It was a hit!

Two-minute Relate Race with apples to apples

From Kirsten C - Julia A suggested the following and it was so fun and versatile that my kids have requested we do it weekly (we have a unit lesson day and a DM day): “I gave them two minutes to run around their house and grab 2-3 items from each room (kitchen bedroom living room bathroom/medicine cabinet) then we did popcorn reading (they read a verse and call on the next person to read) then we did an apples to apples type game using the objects as object lessons for the verses we just read. One student was the judge and then the other students chose an object and had to relate it to the verse. The winner got to be the next judge. So, a candle was the light of God, a Freddy Mercury bobble head represented that the gospel was for everyone and celebrities don’t get a pass, running shoes to follow Jesus, a banana has a peel to protect it from damaging external forces, a knife can be used for good or evil depending on the choices you make. -they were really creative and thoughtful and it made for lots of participating and following along.”

From Jill B - We did a fun game a week ago- I gave the kids 2 minutes to find stuff around their house. Then I would read the DM and they would have to find an item to go with that scripture. We had the missionaries join us for that zoom and they picked the winning item. The kids seemed to have quite a bit of fun and it was fun to have the missionaries

From Diana C - we used your idea and combined two classes. Zoom broke them into groups for us. It was a fun day.

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