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Students are asked to imagine themselves in a given situation, and are asked questions about the situation. For example Health Studies students being asked to imagine they are a child who has just been admitted to hospital. Students learning mission skills are asked what the investigator would be seeking. (See the document 25 Ways for Teaching Without Talking at http://GeoffPetty.com/ .)

Variation: You might ask students to read a passage of scripture once. Next, they re-read the passage from the perspective of one of the people in the story. What might Abraham have been thinking as he traveled to sacrifice Isaac? What about Isaac? What about the angel? Heavenly Father?

Great for: Eliciting thoughtful responses, Helping students find meaning in the scriptures, Lesson opener, Giving every person a turn, Reviewing a scripture story, Learning to share feelings, Mission preparation

Class size: Any class size

Helps Students: SHARE feelings, thoughts, or personal experiences, SEARCH the scriptures or text, SEE a gospel principle in action

Prep Time:

Student Age: Any age

Equipment needed:

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