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Four Column Scripture Analysis

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By Adriene Olsen Murray

I used this idea from our Seminary Coordinator. It works best with a short section or block of scriptures. It was really fun. The kids found things that I had not thought of and explained what it meant to them.

Divide the board into four columns:

  1. Zinger -- find verses in the block of scripture that are awesome, stand out to you, should be highlighted.
  2. Questions -- find any questions you might have from that block of scripture. Maybe a word that you don't understand, or you wonder why that was included....
  3. I Know Because -- find something in the block of scriptures that you know to be true/have a testimony of. How do you know?
  4. DMCR -- Doctrinal Mastery Cross Reference. Find verses in the block of scriptures that relate to or cross reference with one of the Doctrinal Mastery verses.

Give the kids 5-7 minutes to quietly study the block of scripture. As they find verses that fit into the different columns on the board, have them write the reference or comment on a "post it note" and place it in the proper column. It gets them up and moving around, which is a nice change.
When time is up, go through and talk about what they have found. We had kids that usually don't say much, share examples and talk....always a bonus!
I will use this again sometime. #effectiveteachingtool

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