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The Marshmallow Test

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By Jeanette Brooks

#dandc67 Had a great lesson today with section 67... Handed out a lg marshmallow on a small plate. One for each student placed at their tables before they got to class... Instructed them that they could eat it now or wait and receive more of a reward. Continued with the lesson.... Once we got to vs. 9-14 we watched the video clip of Dieter F Uchdorf as he explained "the Marshmallow Test" and how he gained a testimony of patience. We talked about how patience is important to our eternal growth and the blessing that come from it. I was very impressed with the understanding of this principle and the discussion of the outcome of those that exercise patience as pointed out in the video. I then asked who ate their Marshmallow. No one had. I then asked if they wanted another treat... They weren't to excited about another marshmallow but once I revealed that I had brought "Marshmallow Rice Crispy Treats" Hands went up so I tossed them around. It was fun. They catch better than I threw. LOL, I love my kids!

Jeanette Brooks: Sorry Yes...D&C 67. We also have a class FB group and I posted the YouTube clip of the actual "Marshmallow Test" very enlightening and interesting watching all the kids enduring this test of patience. (1 day ago)

Shelice Murphy: I literally got out of bed to make rice crispy treats after I read this last Night. I was already going to do the marshmallow part and this was just a brilliant addition. I was inspired to close the lesson by saying something like: that while our plans, like marshmallows are good...God's plans for us, like rice crispy treats, are always better and often that means being patient and trusting Him. I then told them that for the rest of their lives whenever they eat a RCT they should remember this lesson...we all laughed. Thanks for sharing your inspiration!


December 17, 2014
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