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Light will not shine throught the blackness

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By Wendi Gunn:
Here is an object lesson that I am going to use for #dandc58 :34-65. It could be used to illustrate #repentance in any lesson though. I used it in a SS class and it was very effective. I took a light bulb and spray painted it black. Then I asked the class what happens to the light within us when we sin and don't repent. We talked about how the darkness overcomes the light and it doesn't matter what we plug that light bulb into the light will not shine throught the blackness. Then we talked about how to change the light bulb so that the light will again shine through the darkness. They come up with ways to physically remove the paint from the light bulb such as turpentine and scratching the paint off the bulb. Both methods will eventually allow light to start shining through but one method, the turpentine, will be much faster and more thorough and less painful and allow our light to shine through much faster than the other method. Then liken the repentance process to removing the paint from the light bulb. There are lots of different connections you can make with this object lesson. Just go with where the Spirit directs you with the discussion.

Wendi Gunn: I taught this lesson today and used the light bulb discussion at the beginning...it took them a minute to make the connection but once they got it, their faces were full of "ah-hah" expressions! I love it when they make a connection! After, I divided the class into 5 groups and gave each of them a quote from the lesson and the questions that go along with each quote. They discussed as a group and then presented to the class. When I was prepping I struggled a bit to think of stories I could share with then as examples. But as we went around the room and each group discussed their quote, I was inspired with a quick example from my life to share that went along with each quote... I didn't necessarily hand them out and discuss them in order so I didn't know which one would be coming up next, but as our discussion unfolded after each group and I shared a story, I was amazed when the next group started and the story I shared led perfectly into the next discussion!!! I love it when the Spirit teaches the class!

Wendi Gunn:  I ended with the reclaimed video and one of our students used to live in Idaho Falls and talked about her experience going to that park and how she had no idea that it used to be a landfill. That led us to talking about how repentance can erase the past and we don't have to judge other's based on the garbage that is underneath and that we can look at each other as we are now and enjoy the beauty and strength we each have to offer.


Jenny says:  see also "Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness" (Isaiah 5:20) and Isaiah 9:2 and Matthew 4:16.

December 17, 2014
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