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How will we find our way?

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Items needed

  • a room that can be completely darkened
  • a map
  • reward

First tell the students that there is a great reward hidden in the building somewhere and that you will give them a map to help them find it.

Next turn out the lights and then hand each student the map. Give them a few minutes to try and read the map (they can not read it in the dark).

Then collect the maps and turn the lights back on.

Then ask the students if they feel ready to go and find the reward.

Explain to the students that the Lord has given us scriptures as a map we need to return to him in the Celestial Kingdom and the Light of Christ to use to read the map. Used together they will lead us to the our reward in heaven. Without both the inspiration of God and the scriptures, we will fumble in the darkness.

To discuss:

What other things could the map represent? (the scriptures, the gospel, conference addresses, Savior's example)

What are other sources of light in our lives? (Holy Ghost, priesthood, prayer, patriarchal blessings) Source: Geocities

November 18, 2004
Scripture Reference:
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