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Book of Mormon stories teach me how to live the gospel

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Once there was a boy named Ammon. He didn’t make good choices and fought against the church with his brothers and his friend, Alma.
One day Alma, Ammon, and Ammon’s brothers saw an angel. The angel told them to not fight against the church anymore. The boys were sad. The repented of the bad things they had done. They wanted to serve missions so that they could bring the gospel to other people in darkness.
Ammon and his brothers decided to preach to the Lamanites. Their father didn’t want them to go, because he was afraid they would be killed. Heavenly Father promised to protect the boys. When they got to Lamanite lands, Ammon and his brothers decided to split up.
Ammon came upon the palace of King Lamoni and offered to be his servant. King Lamoni sent Ammon and his other servants out to protect his sheep while they grazed. Bad men came to scatter and steal the sheep. Ammon stood up to the bad men and protected the flocks. The servants came back to King Lamoni and told him that Ammon could not be harmed. King Lamoni asked Ammon if he was a Great Spirit. Ammon told him that he was not, and taught King Lamoni and his household the gospel. They were converted.

I know that I can be a missionary now by being a good example and doing what is right.

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Post date: June 19, 2008
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