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Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love me

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Adapted from April Gohier, “Remembering,” Friend, Nov 1998, 3

I feel my Savior’s love, The love he freely gives me (Children’s Songbook, pages 74–75).

Susan flopped onto her bed. She lay back and looked at the poster on the ceiling of Meggen and her. Her mother had taken the picture of the two of them on their horses last summer and had surprised them with poster-size prints for Christmas. … Meggen had helped Susan’s family move into their new home. She had been riding her horse by their home when she saw the moving van and offered her help. …

“Are you entering the horse show in Middleton?” Meggen asked.

“No, I can’t this time—it’s on Sunday.”

“You go to church every Sunday,” Meggen complained. “It wouldn’t hurt to miss once. This is the biggest horse show of the year.”

“I know,” Susan replied wistfully, “but I want to be at church on Sunday.”

“What’s so exciting about church?”

“I don’t go to church because it’s exciting,” Susan tried to explain. “I go because … well, because I have a testimony.”

“What’s a testimony?”

Susan opened her mouth to answer and closed it again. “I don’t know how to explain it,” she admitted. …

Susan rolled over onto her stomach and buried her face in her pillow. “How do you explain what a testimony is?” she asked herself. … The words to a Primary song came into her mind. “I feel my Savior’s love In all the world around me.”*

She closed her eyes and thought of the mountains. Red and yellow patches covered their sides. She loved autumn. She especially liked the smell of the air. She often saddled Lightning and galloped up the mountain road, breathing deeply.

She imagined the Savior creating the mountains, filling the streams with crystal water, and planting the trees for her. The feeling inside her kept growing until a tear trickled down her right cheek. She wiped it away with her index finger as the chorus came to her: “He knows I will follow him, Give all my life to him. I feel my Savior’s love, The love he freely gives me.” …

A new idea slipped into Susan’s mind. “Do you remember when Pal won the trophy last year?”

Meggen nodded. “It was the most exciting day of my life!”

“And when you remember, do you still feel the excitement?”…
[Yes] “I’ll always remember that day, no matter how long I live. I’ll probably tell the story over and over to my grandchildren.”

“And you’ll always have special feelings each time you do,” Susan assured her. “That’s what a testimony is like, Meggen—remembering, and having wonderful feelings when you do.”

“Remembering what?”

“Remembering that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love me.”

“Have you ever seen Heavenly Father and Jesus?” Meggen questioned seriously.

This is going to be the hard part, Susan thought. Heavenly Father, please help me, she prayed in her heart. “I haven’t seen Them with my eyes.”

“What other way is there to see someone?”

“Before we were born on earth, we were spirit children of Heavenly Father,” Susan explained. “So was Jesus. My spirit eyes saw Them. I don’t remember what They look like or what They said and did, but my spirit remembers. I don’t remember in pictures and words, but in feelings. I’ve felt Their love for me over and over in my heart. I know that what I’m learning in church is true, because I feel Their love when I’m there.” …

Meggen reached out and clasped Susan’s hand. “Do you feel that love now?” she whispered.

Susan nodded—she was too happy to speak right then. The school bell rang, and the girls broke into a run, still holding hands.

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Post date: January 6, 2010
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