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Jesus Christ has power over death

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This is a story about when Jesus showed the people he had power over death. The story is found in the scriptures in Luke 10 and John 11. This is an easy-to-read version from New Testament Stories:

A man named Lazarus lived in Bethany. He lived with his sisters, Mary and Martha. They loved Jesus very much.

Lazarus became very sick. Jesus was teaching in another town. Mary and Martha sent a man to tell Jesus Lazarus was sick. Jesus loved Lazarus and his sisters.

Jesus wanted to help Lazarus. Jesus asked his disciples to go with him. The disciples were afraid. Bethany was near Jerusalem. Some of the people in Jerusalem wanted to kill Jesus. The disciples did not want Jesus to go near Jerusalem again.

Jesus told his disciples Lazarus was dead. Jesus would bring him back to life. His miracle would help the disciples know Jesus was the Savior. Jesus went to Bethany.

Lazarus had been dead four days. Martha went to meet Jesus. She said Lazarus would not have died if Jesus had been there. Jesus told Martha Lazarus would live again. Jesus asked Martha if she believed him. Martha said yes. She knew Jesus was the Savior.

Then Martha left Jesus. She went to get her sister Mary. Mary went to meet Jesus. Many people went with her. Mary knelt at Jesus’ feet. She was crying. The people with her were crying too. Jesus cried. The people said that he loved Lazarus very much.

They took Jesus to the cave where Lazarus was buried. There was a stone in front of the cave. Jesus told the people to move the stone.

Jesus looked up. He prayed to Heavenly Father. He thanked Heavenly Father for hearing his prayers. He asked Heavenly Father to help the people believe in him. He wanted the people to know he was the Savior.

Then Jesus spoke in a loud voice. He told Lazarus to come out of the cave. Lazarus came out. He was alive again. The people saw the miracle. They knew Jesus was the Savior. They believed in him. (“Chapter 37: Jesus Brings Lazarus Back to Life,” New Testament Stories, 102)

I know that Jesus Christ has power over death because he brought Lazarus back from the dead.

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