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Repentance Object Lesson

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Items needed

  • a bottle of spot treatment
  • crayons or markers
  • patch
  • wet wipes

Hand out the objects. Explain that each object can be used to handle stains on clothing. Ask the students how s/he would use her/his object to treat a stain: Spot Treater - apply to stain and wash later. Crayons/Markers - create a decoration around the stain, making it look pretty. Patch - cover stain. Wet Wipes - try to wipe away as much as you can.

Explain that sin is like a stain on our spirit. Both the world and the Lord have ways of dealing with sin. Ask the group to consider how the items might represent teachings of the world. After listening to a few ideas, hand out scripture verses to students with objects and discuss.

Patch - D&C 58:42-43 (The world would have us hide our sins. The Lord wants us to confess them and then He will forget them. The sin will truly be gone, not just covered up.)

Spot Treater - Alma 34:33 (The world tells us to put off repentance. The Lord wants us to face up to our mistakes right away.)

Crayons/Markers - Alma 41:10 (The world tries to justify sin in many ways but calling sin by a different name doesn't change what it really is.)

Wet Wipes - Isaiah 1:16-18 (True repentance is not quick and easy. To become completely clean, we must follow the guidelines the Lord has set.) Teach the 5 steps of repentance.

July 17, 2005
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