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Sacrifice Snowflakes

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Items needed:

a square sheet of paper
sharp scissors


Present a square sheet of blank white paper. Discuss how this piece of paper in it's current state is not really providing any joy or happiness. Fold the paper several times into a triangular shape. Then take suggestions of things we can do that require sacrifice on our part but provide joy to others. With each suggestion cut a small shape from the folded paper. After several suggestions have been made and several snippets taken from the paper, discuss how the pieces which have been removed represents how our sacrifices take a little bit from our time and talents.

Unfold the paper and reveal the beautiful pattern that was created through our sacrificing. This paper which was blank before is now more enjoyable and visually pleasing to admire.

We as our Lord's servants are blessed immeasurably with every sacrifice we make in our efforts to build up our Heavenly Father's Kingdom on Earth.

by Mindy Dryer

Jenny says: "This lesson makes paper snowflakes, but you could also make a chain of people, and talk about the connection between unity, community, and sacrifice."


May 25, 2010
Scripture Reference:
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